Volkswagen’s Technological Breakthrough

This new technology with VW’s Sport Coupe Concept GTE opens unknown opportunities in the field of automotive and biogenetic data.

The car brings auto-human interfaces to a new level in an eye-catching four-door that design chief Klaus Bischoff says shows not only a new model’s design “but also initial glimpses of a new design era.”

Under the sleek new body is an interior that features new interactive interfaces between human and machine—including the use of the driver’s biometric data and a new Active Info Display that has a 3D appearance.

VW is interfacing the car’s electronics directly with the driver based on driver biometric data. The concept determines, via a smart watch or armband for measuring the driver’s vital functions, whether to navigate a route that includes an exciting country road or a gentle route instead.

Biometric data monitoring begins as soon as the driver inputs the destination by voice or on the touchscreen—but only if the driver wants the data to be used as input for the navigation system. In this navigation mode the sole purpose is maximum driving enjoyment.

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