Auto Industry in Michigan Starts to Grow

There have been some really tough times in Michigan but if you’re an out-of-work engineer in Michigan, you should be getting plenty of interview opportunities. Auto companies in Michigan are hiring again — and it’s not just General Motors and Chrysler, who both recently announced they would be hiring 1,000 engineers.

Vehicle production is recovering from record lows and automotive companies are now competing to attract the engineering talent they need as production ramps up, Bloomberg reports. One example is Ricardo Inc., a service provider to auto companies, which for the first time put up billboards along Detroit-area highways and is running radio ads to attract applicants.

According to Bloomberg, other companies hiring engineers include Continental AG, which is hiring 40 engineers, and TRW Automotive Holdings Corp., which is hiring about 85 engineers.

Jobs at auto suppliers are also on the rise. A monthly survey of suppliers by the Original Equipment Suppliers Association suggests that the trend will continue.

In November, suppliers were asked about hiring intentions over the next six months. Of 110 that responded, roughly 80 percent said they’d be adding engineering and technical staff. Over 70 percent said they would be hiring production workers.

However, some companies are having difficulty finding the specialized talent they need, especially when it comes to electric vehicle engineering.

Companies such as AVL Powertrain Engineering Inc., Tata Technologies, and General Motors are all seeking electric vehicle engineers, and many positions are going unfilled as the companies struggle to find qualified candidates. This is great news and I hope it help restore the city to some of its former glory.