Auto Show in China Around the Corner

It is not the biggest one in China but I always enjoy news out of the Guangzhou Auto Show and it is just over a week away and is expected to be smaller in terms of international visitors due to the proximity to Christmas, although this is unlikely to affect local visitors from attending. Beijing and Shanghai Auto Shows are considered the biggest in China, but Guangzhou Auto Show serves as an end of year show to launch new cars for 2011 and is smaller than the Beijing and Shanghai events.

Here are a couple of interesting cars to look out for.

Chery B16

What is happening at Chery these days is anyone’s guess, with their multiple sub-brands (Riich, Reely, Karry) and also the continuation of the Chery brand it seems that they are eager to spread the brand wealth and also build up each brand as a very independent line up whilst sharing parts – because this worked out great for GM. The B16 will be Chery’s replacement for the now out of production Oriental Son sedan, whilst over in the Riich range of cars Chery has its own G5 and G6 sedans which are supposed to be its high end offerings. I guess we will be able to find out at the Guangzhou Auto Show as to what is exactly happening at Chery HQ.

Volvo S60 2.0T

Volvo are planning to import the S60 into China in 2.0T form to take up the slack between the S40 and the S80L models, its not clear if this model will be sold via the Chang’an Volvo dealership or somewhere else due to Geely’s takeover of Volvo. In all likelihood it will be sold via Chang’an Volvo dealerships but then once it goes into production in one of Geely’s proposed three Volvo factories, then it will be sold elsewhere.